Welcome N2 and Above Challenger

Welcome you near grand-master of Japanese to Japan Switch, the most affordable Japanese lessons in Tokyo.

You have been directed here because you are requesting lessons to reach N2 and above.

Do you provide N2 support?

Unfortunately, we do not provide N2 level support.

Our lessons at Japan Switch focus on Japanese communication and we do not provide any test preparation courses for our students.

However, we can provide you conversational based lessons if your speaking level is around or less than an N3 level or lower.

If you are a solid N3 level or higher student, we recommend taking lessons at our sister school Coto Language Academy as they provide the best Japanese lessons in Tokyo for all student levels and have flexible schedules and are open everyday of the week.

What school do you recommend for JLPT support?

We recommend our partner Coto Language Academy, who provides premium Japanese lessons and are the top rated Japanese school in Tokyo for your JLPT lesson needs.

What are the schedules like?

How can I enroll?