Content Creation - Daniel


Name : Daniel

School : JS Shinjuku Language School

Role : Marketing and Education Intern

About Me?

My name is Daniel and I am half Spanish and half Welsh. I was born and raised in Madrid  for 15 years and then moved to Wales to finish my studies. I have lived in Akita, Japan for 5 months and I am now in Tokyo working for Japan Switch.

Because my current degree is Asia Pacific Studies and Japanese, and because I am interested in Japanese language and culture, I came to Japan as part of my year abroad program from my home university so that I can improve my Japanese language skills, and have the chance to live and work in the big city.

What are your thoughts for foreigners who are interested in learning Japanese?

I always admire people who learn languages, especially Japanese. In fact, whenever I meet someone who wants or is learning Japanese, I always ask them about their progress, their study methods or advice, and I always say to them to never give up because as a language learner of Japanese, it can be difficult at times, but on the long term, it is very rewarding and lots of fun.

Why did you want to work at Japan Switch?

The reason why I decided to work for Japan Switch is because I have a huge passion for language learning and I always wanted to be part of a company that helps people to become better and more fluent in their target language. I heard good things about Japan Switch, and I read about it a lot before applying for it that I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by.

What do you like about working here?

It is a nice atmosphere to work in and I also get the opportunity to speak to my colleagues in both English and Japanese. Plus, I get the chance to interact with teachers and students to better understand the language school so that I can contribute to any needed  improvements as much as I can. Last but not least, it is located in Shinjuku! It is a really cool area of Tokyo to come to work in.

What are your hobbies?

One of the things that I do the most, as mentioned before, is language learning. So during my free time I study Japanese and I also go to language exchange events, as much as I can, so that I can practice my speaking skills and get to meet new people. I also love travelling, taking walks around the city or parks, and also like to read books of any kind in Spanish, English and recently in Japanese.

What would you like foreigners to know about Japan?

Another place that they can add to their list of must-visit-places in Japan is, without a doubt, Akita! Akita is located on the northwest of Honshu island and it is known to be a very snowy region. You can visit an old samurai village called Kakunodate; a big rock by the sea in the shape of Godzilla; a museum of mean and evil demons or “oni” known as Namahage; and see one of the biggest firework festivals in the country in Omagari called Omagari-hanabi.

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