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The Most Affordable Daytime

Japanese Lessons in Tokyo

Save 3000yen on your first month of Japanese lessons at Japan Switch 🙂 

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To claim the BFF Tokyo Discount, you must present the above coupon at your consultation / level check. 

For ONLINE Consultations - please save the image to your device and share your screen with your teacher. 

For OFFLINE Consultations - please either save the image to your device and present the coupon at reception. You may also print off the coupon and present a physical copy if this is easier. 

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BFF Tokyo x Japan Switch 

We are proud to be collaborating with BFF Tokyo to take the 'uh-oh' out of learning Japanese and living your best life in Japan!

BFF Tokyo have a reputation for their super-helpful and in-depth guides on the ins + outs of Tokyo. At Japan Switch, we pride ourselves on Japanese lessons that help you navigate the everyday hustle so that communication is never a barrier.  

To date, we count a little over 50 BFF Readers as students and here's one of our favorite stories:

I remember how difficult my first few months here [in Japan] were. I used a BFF guide to find the place I'm living in now but I had zero confidence in communicating with like the electric people, gas, internet and all that.

I managed to get through it but literally any follow-up was just terrifying like it just triggered my anxiety. It was around then that I joined Japan Switch and began studying with Sato-Sensei and things just... got better. I don't even know how to explain it well. Like, we sidelined the textbook a lot and I got help with the real questions I needed answered.

I'm talking about the stuff that you just do without thinking about back home but when it's in a second language... You've just got no clue. I still get that kind of leftover nervousness from those early days but I can enter into any conversation now with a 'we CAN figure this out' attitude which is one of the things I'm most grateful for after having been a student at Japan Switch. 

3 Different Japanese Courses

Japan Switch offers both group lessons and private lessons. For students who are busy or are curious, you can come once a week. For those who have a focused goal take private lessons or several Japanese lessons weekly.

Taking Remote Lessons

Online Lessons

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • 50 Minute Lessons
  • 1500 Yen Group Lessons
    • Maximum 4 students
  • 3000 Yen Private Lessons
Japan Switch - Japanese Private classes student

Onsite Private Classes

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • 50 Minute Private Lessons
  • 3000 Yen Per Lesson
  • Same Teacher
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
Japan Switch - Japanese Group classes students

Onsite Group Lessons

  • 0 Yen Entrance Fee
  • 100 Minute Group Lessons
  • 3000 Yen Per Lesson
  • 5 Students Maximum
  • Make New Friends

Save 3000yen on your first month!

Want to speak Japanese and take the stress out of shopping or be more involved in conversations at the office?  Our monthly contracts and zero hidden fees policy are low-commitment so you can learn anytime without having to worry about paying more than you should. 

The only choice you have to make is what kind of lesson is the best fit for you and your needs. Private or group? Online or in-person?

If you aren't sure yet, book in a free consultation with our trained staff who can identify your strengths and weaknesses + help you with your own learning roadmap.

Taking Remote Lessons

Learn Online from the Comfort of Your Home

We are currently offering morning online Japanese lessons and are accepting new students. Experience our same good quality lesson online and in pajamas.


Learn Japanese in Person at Japan Switch Tokyo

Take morning and afternoon lessons in person in Tokyo. We offer group and private lessons in a relaxed and welcoming environment for students and staff.

  • Turning on Japan Switch

Japan Switch - Tokyo Teachers

Japan Switch Contact Form

Let us help you turn on your Japan Switch with our good quality Japanese Lessons.

We only teach N5 - N3 level lessons

Your Alternative to Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

Japan Switch is your alternative to joining a Japanese language school in Tokyo. We have two branches that provides affordable morning and afternoon Japanese lessons for foreigners who want to learn Japanese in Tokyo or online. We are the best choice for someone looking for a Japanese language school in Tokyo but wants to learn for a cheaper price through combining self-study and lessons in person. We provide affordable group Japanese lessons for 1500 yen for a 50 minute group lesson and 3000 yen for a 50 minute private lesson.


Although our Japanese lessons are cheap and affordable, our teachers are caring and supportive, and our teaching and learning materials have been designed for foreigners learning Japanese taking group or private lessons . We provide Japanese lessons to beginner Japanese learners up to a low intermediate level N3 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


In addition to providing lessons, we also host international events in Tokyo and will also be doing Japanese cultural events. For those who want to learn Japanese in a relaxed and convenient environment near you. Japan Switch is the place to help you make the switch from a foreigner centered environment to making more Japanese friends and customers.


Opening Days : Monday - Friday


Locations : 

Shinjuku Branch : 09:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Online Branch : 09:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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